creativity and all that jazz --  leadership management training seminar


Jazz and Business.  You may not think the two are related.  But take a closer look at the world’s leading companies – the ones who always seem to come up with the next “big ideas.”  They create their own exciting new opportunities.  They’re quick to respond to change with fresh thinking and bold action.  They excite their customers, inspire their employees, and consistently raise the bar – for themselves and their competition.

That’s the power of Jazz!  Jazz exhibits the very same critical disciplines practiced by these successful organizations.  Ingenuity.  Decisiveness.  Proficiency.  Superior communication.  Exceptional performance.  Commitment to excellence.  These fundamentals are the cornerstone of every Jazz ensemble.  And they can be mastered by any business, large or small – and put to work in real time to improve creative thinking, innovation and competence.

Using live Jazz as a model, Creativity & All That Jazz illustrates the leadership, communication and performance techniques you need to gain a real competitive edge in today’s economy.  It’s an entertaining, informative and practical program for taking your organization to the next level.

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