I am privileged to sit with Bill Bruford for our 207 Interview in 2011

Right before our first seminar presentation of Creativity & All That Jazz back in November, 2011, I joined Bill Bruford, renown drummer and our guest speaker that evening, for an interview on the Maine television program 207.  Check it out!

Bill Bruford & John Rogers


I’ve been listening to Bill’s music since I was in my teens (Yes, King Crimson, Genesis), and as a young musician found him to be one of the most innovative players in rock.  His later work in Jazz (Earthworks, BLUE, et al.) also captured my attention.  It was quite surreal  to meet him and then five minutes later find myself being interviewed with him!  We then enjoyed a lovely sup with my colleague Frank Laurino and his wife Denise, during which the conversation was easy and interesting. We then moved on to the successful first run of our seminar.  During the seminar, Bill was to speak mid-way through, but instead he asked that we three sit and engage the audience in a conversation, to ask him questions and open it up in all directions. It was just the right thing. Would that we could have spent more time in that conversation, and I’ve ever since thought it ended too soon. Thanks go to Frank for setting the whole thing up, and quite brilliantly, with Bill. What a great night!

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