We believe that creative adventures – and creative challenges – are universal.  To that end, we’re always on the lookout for people and projects that expand and enhance the creative experience.

BB-Book-new-m1opt100Bill Bruford – The Autobiography

On its face, The Autobiography is a world-class drummer’s recollection of a lifetime in the music industry – reason enough for a read.  We think it’s also one extraordinary business leadership handbook.  Engaging, insightful and cleverly written, The Autobiography is less historical document and more a journal of personal, professional and creative evolution.  If you’ve attended Creativity & All That Jazz, you’ve heard us reference Bill’s book now and again.  (In truth, it was an inspiration for the program!)  Very highly recommended.

The Band


“I am so privileged to be working with three of the most talented musicians in New England,” readily admits C&ATJ founder (and percussionist) Frank Laurino. Matt Langley, saxophones, Steve Roy, bass, and Mike Effenberger, keyboards, are not only seriously-in-demand players, but are each respected music educators. “They make the program fun,” says Frank. “And, they give the drummer in the band quite the workout.”



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