business leadership development

In Jazz, there’s no time for committees, focus groups or endless fact-gathering.  It’s 1-2-3-PLAY.  Jazz provides a responsive, real-time framework for generating creative ideas, motivating and empowering employees, enhancing performance, and engaging customers.  The communication, organization and discipline found in a professional Jazz group can give business owners and executive management a practical methodology to harness a company’s full creative power.

Creativity & All That Jazz features seasoned Jazz musicians who are not only skilled players, but are also experienced teachers, marketers and business people.  The presentation offers an extraordinary insight into how creativity addresses real-world organizational issues while continually elevating performance.

Creativity & All That Jazz acknowledges the inherent creative genius in each participant, and shows how to incorporate it in a way that rewards active participation, honors divergent approaches to reach common goals, and affirm an organization’s longterm vitality.  It’s lively, memorable – and a lot of fun!

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